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一般情況下,您的訂單將在確認付款後 3-5 個工作天內準備好出貨。

In general, your order will be ready for delivery within 3-5 working days after your payment is confirmed.


我們沒有免費送貨。 香港本地的訂單我們會使用順豐速運,運費將由收貨人支付。

There is no complimentary shipment. For Hong Kong shipments we use SF Express and the shipment shall paid by consignee.



We do accept international orders. For shipments outside Hong Kong please email us before ordering, we will provide the courier rate for your reference. International customers will also be responsible for any custom tax and duty if needed.


送貨服務可能會因天氣、交通等問題而延遲。 一旦我們掌握相關信息,我們會儘快通知您。

Delivery service might delay due to weather, transportation and other issues. We will advise you once we have the related information.


請務必填寫正確的運送資訊。 每份訂單將僅寄至一個地址,如有多個收件人,請相應地下不同的訂單。


Please make sure to fill in the correct shipping information. Each order will be sent to one address only. For multiple recipients, please make different orders accordingly.

We are not responsible for any shipment delay or loss with inaccurate information provided by customers.


我們不提供換貨和退款。 即使您在收到產品後改變了主意,我們也無法為你退款和換貨。

There are NO EXCHANGE AND REFUND. Even if you have changed your mind after receiving the product.


我們珍惜每一個訂單,所有物品在出貨前都會仔細檢查,確保沒有缺陷物品,並盡力確保包裹安全。 如果物品有損壞,我們邀請您盡快聯繫我們和運輸快遞公司(請參閱我們的運輸政策),我們將根據具體情況處理問題。


We cherish each and every order, all items will be carefully taken care before the shipment. We will make sure there are no defect items and will try our best to secure the parcel. If there is damage on the items, we invite you to contact us and the shipping courier (Please refer to our SHIPPING POLICY) as soon as possible, we will handle the issue on a case by case basis.

If the outer package of the parcel is damaged, please do not open it and contact us and the shipping courier at once.

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