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除網上付款外,我們接受 轉數快FPS 付款,付款資料如下:

Apart from online payments, we also accept FPS payment. Our FPS details are as follows:


FPS ID 108790338

賬戶名稱 Account name:SOWTALE


訂單產品會在確認收款後預留給客人,請你在下單付款後向我們提供電話/網上支付記錄截圖及訂單編號,透過電郵傳送至 ,假如你購買後未有付款,而同時有其他客人購買相同款式並已付款,該產品會自動預先預留給先付款的客人,我們會另行通知你該產品已售罄。


Products will be reserved at a first-pay-first-served basis. Our products will be automatically reserved for the customer who paid and confirmed first. In such circumstance, we will notify you if the product is sold out.

For manual payment, please provide us with a screenshot of your payment record and order number and email to .

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